Selected Works

Pixel Phonia

a real-time spatialized synchresis system for visual music

Light Intervals: Time-Based Gestural Night Photography

iBook photography monograph of a series shown at Design Shanghai 2013 Power Station of Art and InLight Richmond

Kinsey Institute 2009 Juried Artshow

Video Projection

Cursor Caressor Eraser

Images below are from the Cursor Caressor Eraser installation at the Re-new Digital Arts Festival in Copenhagen, May 2010


Teaching and Learning

Teaching Computational Creativity

Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2016)

Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines:

Real-time Synchronous Video Environment for Multi-Campus Teaching: a User Study

Increasing Opportunities for the Development of Case-Based Knowledge in High-Enrolment Production Courses

Discursivity and Creativity in Upper Division Production Courses

Conference Dissemination:

Academic Publications

Creative making, large lectures, and social media: breaking with tradition in art and design education

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education (Sage), vol. 14, 2015

Sysemics and Semiotic Informatics

Comparative Literature 67:1 (Duke University Press), journal of the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA Forum)

Design Scenes of Online Coding Environments

Book chapter in Teaching Computational Creativity, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

A Method of Moments: the Aesthetics of Redundancy in Ikarie XB-1

Book chapter in Czech Film and the Digital Archive, Lucie Česalkova, Ed. National Film Archive, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016.

A Holistic Framework for ROI in Higher Education

Book chapter in The ROI of Higher Education, Teachers College Press (Columbia University), 2016

A Mixed Framework for New Media Art Reception

SoundEffects — An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience

Empiricism within the Limits of Postmodernism Alone: On the Emergence of the Logically Real within the Multi-Perspectival Field

Semiotica issue 206, 2015

The Mobile Augmented Soundscape

Hz Journal, #20, Summer 2015

Digital and Analog: some refinements and new semiotic directions Archive

A Noise Reduction Pass on the Concept of Media: for a new typology of mediation Archive

The Plane of Mediation: the actual and virtual as cultural system

NMEDIAC: the Journal of New Media and Culture, Vol. 9:1, 2014

Peircing Fritz and Snow: an aesthetic field for sonified data

Organised Sound, 19:1, Cambridge University Press, 2014

Discursivity and Creativity: Implementing Pigrum's Multi-Mode Transitional Practices in Upper Division Creative Production Courses

Proceedings of the 58th ICET World Assembly, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, 2014

Signal: An Expanded Semiotics of Periodicity Part One

Parsons Journal for Information Mapping vol. 5 issue 2, 2013

Signal: An Expanded Semiotics of Periodicity Part Two

Parsons Journal for Information Mapping vol. 5 issue 4, 2013

Aesthetic Challenges of Sonified Video Gestures

Empirical Musicology Review, vol 8 issue 2, 2013

The Audio Affect Image: Five Hermeneutic Modalities of Sound Design

The Soundtrack Vol. 5 Issue 1, 2012

Towards a Phenomenology of the Acoustic Image

Organised Sound, 15:1, Cambridge University Press

The Noise of the World

Janus Head: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and Art, Vol. 10 #1, 2007

Light Intervals

Aesthetics of the City monograph, Shanghai People’s Fine Art Publishing House, 2014

Discursivity and Creativity

Proceedings of the New Horizons in Education conference, Paris, France 2014


Leonardo Music Journal #18 (MIT Press) 2008>

Video Sonification/ Signal Sign Image Noise

Interactive essay, in Parsons Journal for Information Mapping vol. II issue 2, 2010

Stepping on the Light

Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, Vol. 1 Issue 3, 2009

Play and Fortune

ISEA 2008 Artist Presentation

Workshop Lectures

Emerging Trends in Contemporary Cinema: Voices from Hindi, Tamil & Canada Films, Sage, New Delhi, 2014

Cursor Caressor Eraser

Artist Statement in Leonardo Vol. 43 No. 4 2010

Meridiend, Cursor Caressor Eraser, Stepping on the Light

Three Artist Statements, Proceedings of ARTECH 2010: the 5th International Conference on Digital Arts, "Envsioning Digital Spaces," pp. 225-228

Metal and Wind- Bertoia and the Space of Reverie

Hz-Journal #14, 2009

Creative Writing

Tatvan: a short story collection

A volume bringing together my previously published short stories (print and ebook editions)

Bone Whistle

Poem, The Comstock Review, Vol. 21, No.1


Experimental travelogue, The Capilano Review, Series 3 Issue 6 (Fall 2008)

The Constanta Suite: Three Films for Puppets

Suite of three short stories:
The Dumbwaiter Progeny, Three Wives from Geeja, The Perpetual ApprenticeThe Dalhousie Review, Summer 2009/ issue 89.2

Forty Dollar Brains

Short story, Eleven Eleven No. 7


Poem, Gulf Stream #28

Radar Ghosts

Poem, MARGIE No. 7 (AUTUMN, 2008) Finalist, Marjorie J. Wilson Award for Poetry. Anthologized in The City of Big Shoulders (University of Iowa Press, 2011)

Campfire Cosmology, Morning Chore, The Alfalfa Sublime

Poems, in The Reading Room No. 8

Anarchy and Environmentalism, [untitled]

Poems with photographs, Luminous Green (book, 2009)

Sound for Film

Essay, A Companion Guide to Rooftop Films, Fall 2002 #2

Back Roads

Short science fiction, Otoliths #12

Jack the Satellite Jockey

Short science fiction, in Fourteen Hills – the SFSU Review vol 15.2

Apocalyptic Triptych

Short science fiction, New Stone Circle: Windy City Writing No. 3

The Pool Hut

Short story, New Stone Circle: Windy City Writing No. 2

Sounding Stella

Short story, New Stone Circle: Windy City Writing No. 1


Creative nonfiction in New Plains Review Fall 2009

Of Guns and Sheep

Flash nonfiction in The Yalobusha Review, Vol. XIV

Zealots and Landlords, Mop and Mirror, Attachments

Three flash nonfictions in Glossalalia, Winter 2010


Poem in A Joint Called Pauline

A Million Things

Creative nonfiction in New Plains Review Spring 2010

The Amarylis Sluys

Short fiction in the MOTIF 2: Chance Fiction Anthology

Space Walker

Poem in Science Poetry anthology, 2011



Currently I am developing prototypes integrating Computer Vision and Sonification technologies toward a variety of application areas:

Skull Buzzer combines rear mounted cameras with bone conduction headphone technology built into a bike helmet to communicate oncoming traffic conditions and other surrounding visual information to the cyclist via sonification of recognized visual objects. The current prototype is built with the Raspberry Pi using OpenCV in Python as well as SoniPy.

Sea Hear communicates floating obstacle dangers such as logs in heavily trafficked coastal waters to a boat driver who is cued into possible hazards in marine navigation via bone conduction headphones built into smart glasses.

B Roller takes a contrarian approach to auotmated tripod-mounted video acquisition, whereby faces that are NOT speaking are searched for in a documentary production scenario, with the aim of acquiring cutaways, reaction shots and other b-roll footage.

Net Art

Cursor Caressor Eraser

YouTube Interview in Copenhagen

Artist Team: self + Andres Wanner & Melanie Cassidy

This work is featured in Reframing Photography (Routledge)

CURSOR CARESSOR ERASER is an interactive installation and net artwork contemplating the erotic image and themes of sensuality in time. Caressing gestures of the interactors produce erasures of digital photographic imagery, resulting in visual palimpsests.



MERIDIEND is a work of internet art combining literary writing and digital photography to explore the interstices between writing and the real places that served as a point of contact for these texts. Neither word nor image "explain" or "caption" the other, but rather viewing and reading relies on the memory of each, as texts and images are not viewable simultaneously. Once the image has been replaced by its accompanying text, it cannot be easily gotten back to unless an effort has been made by the viewer-reader-interactor to keep track of their moves.


Stepping on the Light Interactive

Stepping on the Light explores two extremes of video display scales, that of pocket video and large scale projection. The protagonist of this video is modeled on the notion of an avatar in a virtual space, only this avatar is wandering “real space” (downtown Chicago) in a semi-virtual environment (video footage). The approach of the protagonist in Stepping on the Light is to highlight the embodied and pleasurable aspects of navigation. The noise in the imagery, an effect of the technology of portable image capture, is reproduced in the soundtrack, which marries noise and video game soundscapes.



Pixel Phonia

Pixel Phonia is an interactive and generative audiovisual installation that synaesthetically maps video projection across an array of 32 sound exciters attached to the back side of an acrylic screen, in which screen areas are averaged for color, movement and luminosity that sculpt real-time sonifications in a spatialized relation to moving image.



This work is featured in the book Infinite Instances: Studies & Images of Time.


The flux of experience is typically characterized by artists and thinkers as an undifferentiated continuum of sensuous particulars, haphazard, unorganized, a “raw stuff” to be ordered and structured by our sense organs and the cognitive structures of the mind. This video work of visual flux seeks to counter the traditional notion of flux. It is based on a phenomenological investigation in which flux is explored, not as a random sequence of unstructured percepts, but rather as a concatenation of rhythms. This work is composed of very brief fragments of overlapping visual pulses- each pulse being a momentary articulation of the body.

Video Sonification


Presented at ISEA 2008 Singapore

Published in the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping

This study takes as its starting material a photograph of window blinds. Every video image is a potential sonograph, and the built environment is a natural source for sonographic explorations due to the high incidence of repetition. The horizontal striations of the window blinds are reminiscent of spectrographic representations of sound. This work explores a sound palette created by mapping video effects and processing directly into the sound domain through various acoustic “windows” (Hamming, Kaiser, von Hann, Sinc, Rectangle) that are part of the common tool set of sound synthesis.

Stepping on the Light



Stepping on the Light explores two extremes of video display scales, that of pocket video and large scale projection. The protagonist of this video is modeled on the notion of an avatar in a virtual space, only this avatar is wandering “real space” (downtown Chicago) in a semi-virtual environment (video footage). The approach of the protagonist in Stepping on the Light is to highlight the embodied and pleasurable aspects of navigation. The noise in the imagery, an effect of the technology of portable image capture, is reproduced in the soundtrack, which marries noise and video game soundscapes.

Sound Design

The Siamese Connection


Feature length experimental documentary by Duke University filmmaker Josh Gibson, on the life of Chang and Eng, the original twins from Siam. Festival screenings: Fullframe Film Festival , The Heart of England International Film Festival, The River Run International Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, The Arts Center, Asia Pacific Film Festival, & the Ava Gardner Film Festival

Baby Blues

Feature length independent film in the horror genre. See Dr. Terror's blog

Wolves at the Table


This animated film tells the story of Katerina Bagatova, a bourgeois heiress who struggles to maintain a cannibal who lives under her staircase as a band of mysterious profiteers conspire to undermine her carefully crafted facades. Co-produced with Alex Gorelick, and winner of Best Experimental Film at the Indie Film Talent Awards, 2012

The Tale a Peacock Could Not Tell

Excerpt (18MB)

A film by South Indian filmmaker Sujatha Shankar Kumar. Two dieties– or are they ghosts? – comment on the philosophical meanderings of a Bharata Natyam dancer as she ponders the strange sayings of a wandering Jew's harp player.

Isaac's Storm

History Channel documentary


It's Gonna Rain – a Ludoremage

It’s Gonna Rain – A Ludoremage is a ludological re-mix and hommage (thus: “ludoremage”) of Steve Reich’s classic tape loop work, It’s Gonna Rain. Here, Reich’s sound work has been reincarnated as a videogame. The game is largely generative but integrates some minimal interaction, which is appropriate for a work of re-embodied minimalism. The reward for the player is not in points to be scored but rather in the new possibilities (e.g. moments of silence) afforded by this remediation of the composition on a gaming platform.

Download the artwork– a stand-alone Mac application– by clicking on the image above.

Exhibitions & Publications:

Roswell Antistory

Roswell Antistory composes a borderlands anti-narrative depicting an anonymous runner in the American Southwest desert racing through cactus bushes and careening off an alien, who eventually teleports out of the scene taking the giant maracas in the process, which rattle bounce and shake and at times halt the progress of the runner, giving the interactor something to do. After the severe loneliness of the desert runner becomes unbearable, the interactor can click on the runner to return to the beginning, if that indeed is where things began.

Download the artwork– a stand-alone Mac application– by clicking on the image above.

Exhibitions & Publications:


Light Intervals

On The Road



Public Art

Lingua Aqua

Permanently installed outdoor pavilion in Bear Creek Park, Surrey BC combining fountain, 4-channel audio and underwater video.

Artist team: Michael Filimowicz, Melanie Cassidy, Philippe Pasquier


Curriculum Vitae

• Profile

• Associate Dean, Lifelong Learning, Simon Fraser University

• Festival & Conference Director, Cinesonika

• Editor, The Soundtrack journal

• Senior Lecturer, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University

• Faculty Director of Interdisciplinary Programs, Continuing Studies: Philosophers' Cafe, Writer's Studio, Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars


BBC Radio Foyle

The Rush


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